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The best stick vacuum we tested is down to its lowest price of the year

'I've had a Dyson and a Shark ... this is better': This 7-lb Tineco is cordless, has a built-in dust detector and easily turns into a handheld.

Hey, you — yes, you, the one lugging the bulky vacuum from room to room. There's an easier way to clean your floors, and it's called a stick vacuum. Ah, so you've heard of these little wonders. I say "little" because they're designed to be far more lightweight than most upright vacs, but what they lack in heft, they make up for in efficiency. One in particular, the Tineco Pure One S11 Cordless Vacuum, was awarded the title of "Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Overall" in a test one Yahoo staffer conducted that included over a dozen models. Also prize-worthy? The fact that it's currently on sale at Amazon for over $80 off.

This powerful 7-pounder tackles pet hair, crumbs and that dreaded beach sand with ease, according to our resident vacuum tester. 

$219 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

At $219 (down from $300), this is as low as this vac has been on sale for all year, and it's only dipped lower one time, back in November (likely for Black Friday). It's still an investment, but it's more affordable than a Dyson, many of which start at over $300. It even outranked this $525 Dyson in our roundup!

Why do I need this? 🤔

According to Yahoo writer Kristin Granero — who probably has the cleanest floors in the world considering she put a zillion stick vacs to the test — the Tineco "hit the sweet spot in our testing for a sleek vacuum that offers solid performance, along with some snazzy features, at a competitive price."

She went on to praise its narrow brush head that "swivels like a dream" and described it as "lightweight" and "incredibly quiet — enough that it probably wouldn't wake a sleeping baby." You'll be able to see dirt hiding in dark spaces, thanks to its headlights, and it even has a dust sensor that'll automatically adjust the power depending on how much extra cleaning oomph is required.

As for suction? Granero called it "superb," saying it was a champ at "mowing down faux fur, sand, kitty litter, rice and cereal with ease. It only took one pass to pick up the latter from hardwood surfaces, including most if not all materials pushed up against or crushed into wall trims." Have pets? Fear not, as "cat hair was no obstacle." That said, she cautions that "it may require an extra go for fur that's matted into dense carpet."

It doesn't have the longest battery life compared to other stick vacs on the market, but Granero found its 40-minute runtime sufficient for cleaning one floor of a house, plus stairs. One huge plus? You don't have to hold the power button on while you're cleaning, which isn't a given with stick vacs. It also has a HEPA filter and alerts you when it's time to clean the filter.

Need to reach higher surfaces and furniture? It comes with several brush and suction attachments, and easily converts into a handheld. There's also an included wall mount which, according to Granero, is necessary for charging.

Three Tineco stick vacuums on a colorful background
Once you go stick vacuum, you'll wonder how the heck you schlepped one of those heavy clunkers of yore around for years. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Yahoo staffers aren't the only fans of this model — it's garnered over 1,800 perfect ratings from Amazon customers too.

Pros 👍

"We have three cats and a dog that should all be bald by now based on how much hair they lose," shared a pet parent. "This vacuum makes it easy to quickly vacuum up their hair and other detritus from our hardwoods without having to drag out our larger canister vacuum. This vacuum is lightweight, very maneuverable and has excellent suction. Perhaps my favorite feature is the dirt detection that controls the motor speed, helping to prolong battery life."

"Excellent battery life!" agreed another shopper. "I am able to vacuum my 3,000-square-foot house as well as multiple couches without the battery going low or dying. The suction is powerful, but ... doesn't suck up and damage area rugs. The LED lights show every speck of dust, making the chore of vacuuming gratifying as you also see the dust disappear."

"This vacuum does it all, hardwood, rugs and more," raved a third. "It's easy to empty and easy to clean the filter, and the attachments are amazing. I've had a Dyson and Shark, and I think this is better. Plenty of suction power when you need it."

Cons 👎

"The only thing I don't love, is sometimes dirt can get stuck around the filter area and I need to shake it a bit to loosen the dirt to fall," admitted a buyer. "I almost wish they had a tool you could use to help with that."

"I do wish it had suction closer to the edges of the main vacuum attachment," said a final fan. "I have to go back over our stairs with the detailer to get dust stuck in the corners." That said, they added, "We're so shocked by how quiet it is! The first week or so of using it, we thought it wasn't on because it ran so quietly. ... But best of all ... the switch you can flip to keep pressing the on button! My fingers rejoice, no more pain trying to press the button constantly for a long cleaning session!"

Thought you could escape the Tineco's wrath, counter crumbs? Sorry, this versatile vac can reach pretty much any spot in the house. 

$219 at Amazon

Another cleaning accessory you can attach to the vac? This fan-favorite lint buster:

Look at you being all proactive! This No. 1 bestselling kit can minimize the risk of dryer-related house fires (while helping your clothes dry better), as it'll do a more thorough job than simply wiping out the lint. Just attach it to your vacuum — you'll be amazed by how much it sucks up.

"Peace of mind!" exclaimed a reviewer. "In the past I tried bottle scrubbers, pipe cleaners [and] chopsticks to remove lint from [the] dryer trap with poor results. Simply attach [it] to [your] vacuum hose. I was surprised [by] how much lint was in the vacuum canister."

$10 at Amazon

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