Tomi Lahren slammed for using star's Oscar look to support claims of 'assault on masculinity'

Tomi Lahren. Image via Getty Images.

Tomi Lahren is not a fan of the latest trend in men’s fashion.

The host of “Final Thoughts” on Fox Nation took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the “assault on masculinity” using the growing trend of men wearing skirts as evidence.

“I just don’t get this ongoing and continual assault on masculinity by the Left,” wrote in an unprompted tweet. “You can be a proud part of the LGBT community and movement without attacking traditional men and marriage at every turn.”

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Lahren followed up by sharing an article featuring Billy Porter, the star of the FX show “Pose” who made headlines at the 91st Academy Awards for wearing an elaborate gown by Cristian Siriano.

Actor Billy Porter. Image via Getty Images.

The Fox reporter and staunch Republican linked Porter, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and his fashion choice into her narrative of masculinity being under attack.

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Twitter users were quick to slam Lahren for failing to see the difference between “traditional men” and toxic masculinity;  which relies on socially constructed notions that to be masculine is to be violent, aggressive, unemotional and superior to minorities.

Regarding Lahren’s comments about Porter’s gown and the praise it received online, one male user replied, “Or they’re wearing dresses cause…they like wearing dresses? Regardless of the reason, if masculinity itself wasn’t the fragile construct that it is, it wouldn’t be concerned or bothered by this.”

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He continued, “If you’re a man and your sense of masculinity feels attacked by a man in a dress, then your masculinity is a problem, not the man in the dress. Plain and simple.”

Others decided to spam Lahren’s tweet with photos of men wearing skirts throughout history, including King Henry VIII, as well as photos of men in kilts to show how the definition of what’s considered “masculine” has little to do with clothing.

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