Tracy Moore gets real about the '90s, size inclusivity and Black beauty in new video

Tracy Moore posted a candid video about the '90s to Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/thetracymoore)
Tracy Moore posted a candid video about the '90s to Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/thetracymoore)

Tracy Moore is speaking her mind.

On Thursday, the "Cityline" host took to Instagram to speak candidly about the '90s, size inclusivity and Black beauty.

Over the years, Moore has gained a following for her honest and real content surrounding beauty, health, body positivity and more.

In the clip, the 47-year-old began by opening up about her "love" for the 90s.

"I loved the '90s. People say the '90s are back, I think Biggie, I think A Tribe Club Quest. I think MAC chestnut lip liner with the Oh Baby lip gloss," she quipped.

However, Moore was quick to explain that her '90s nostalgia is not what others think of when they discuss the decade.

"...They’re talking about skinny, skinny is back," she revealed. "I know what you’re thinking, skinny never went anywhere. But I felt like for awhile the big girls were having a moment. Was there a moment? I know skinny never went anywhere but it’s like heroin chic. Ribs. Clavicle. Skinny. Like I don’t eat, I eat air."

Later on, the mother-of-two explained that although '90s Black hair relaxer is back, it's a potentially damaging beauty practice.

"...Black hair relaxer is back. Listen, I’m not going to judge. I wear units, I wear my hair in all the ways, but I’m not in a rush to get back to having scabs in my head," Moore said. "To add insult to injury, I’ve heard now that there’s research that shows a link between uterine cancer and Black hair relaxer. I would think long and hard before getting into the creamy crack again."

The TV host finished the video by calling out a popular '90s fashion trend.

"When they say the '90s are back, they’re talking about low riders. Like jeans that start under your belly button. Remember having your whole torso out from your baby tee to just above your vulva? That’s what they mean when they say the 90s are back. No, no!" she concluded.

In the caption, Moore expressed her disappointment with certain '90s aesthetics.

"The '90s are back…in the worst possible way. I’m not body shaming...But when the predominant aesthetic puts an emphasis on women being the smallest they can possibly be it is destructive for a lot of us," she wrote. "Also Black women, do what you want with your crown...We’re under so much scrutiny that I truly understand the complexity of making hair choices. I just worry for our health."

The lifestyle maven ended her caption by sharing love for her fans.

"First and foremost, this comes from a place of love. A place of love for you and hate for low rise jeans," Moore penned.

In the comments, fans agreed with Moore's honest and open comments.

"I’m with you! No to those low riders for me. But I know we — you and I and all of Cityline will push back on the skinny and keep every shape represented and welcomed!" wrote "Cityline" fashion expert Janice Meredith.

"I thought we were going in the right body positive direction...Body image is tough to enough without throwing that back into the mix. No!" shared someone else.

"Some trends just shouldn’t come back," added another.

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