Vanessa Grimaldi's hilarious 'mom life' video is 'one for the books': 'So funny!'

Fans gushed over the "Bachelor" alum's video and loved that she poked fun at herself.

Vanessa Grimaldi shared a funny
Vanessa Grimaldi shared a funny "mom life" video on Instagram. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Vanessa Grimaldi is learning to laugh it off.

On Sunday, the 35-year-old "Bachelor" alum took to Instagram to share a funny "mom life" video with her 710,000 followers.

In the clip, the former reality star shared a photo of herself holding her baby son, Winston, who was born in September.

The Canadian posed in a printed short-sleeve dress while holding a soother in Winston's mouth. The video zoomed in on Grimaldi's choice of footwear, where she rocked a light blue double-strapped sandal on her left foot and a beige flip flop on the right.

"You know you have mom brain when," she wrote on the screen, referring to her comical wardrobe blunder.

"[And] I need a pedicure," Grimaldi penned in the caption alongside the hashtags "mombrain," "sundayvibes," "momvibes" and "momlife."

In the comments, fans poked fun at the "hilarious" clip and praised Grimaldi for not taking herself too seriously.

"This is one for the books!" commented a follower. "Absolutely hilarious!'

"My mom brain had to watch twice to notice," said a fellow mother alongside a laughing emoji.

"Love that you're having fun with it! If we don't laugh, we cry LOL!" added another.

"Mom brain is real! This is so funny!" shared someone else.

"Sums it up! But I'm dying laughing!" wrote a fan.

Despite laughing at herself wearing two different shoes and still enjoying date night with her husband, Josh Wolfe, postpartum life hasn't always been easy for Grimaldi — especially when it comes to breastfeeding.

In November, she got real about her "breastfeeding journey" and explained that her newborn was having troubles latching.

"When I prepared my hospital bag, I didn't pack any formula because I thought, 'he's going to latch.' It seemed so effortless from what I saw on Instagram...Unfortunately Winston didn't latch. I was barely producing," she said. "... So on formula he went while I pumped barely anything throughout the day. For weeks. Basically to this day. But, I didn't lose hope."

Eventually, Grimaldi hired a private lactation consultant who showed her the "football hold" and helped her use a nipple shield. With this help, Winston finally latched.

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