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25 best wedding anniversary gift ideas, according to years married

We picked the best wedding anniversary gifts for each year of marriage up to 25 years

Stick to traditions or go rogue — these wedding anniversary gift ideas are all nice to receive, no matter how long you've been married. (Amazon/Mejuri)
Stick to traditions or go rogue — these wedding anniversary gift ideas are all nice to receive, no matter how long you've been married. (Amazon/Mejuri)

When you got married, you likely got engagement, bridal shower and wedding gifts — but the gift-giving doesn't stop once you say "I do." Your love is worth celebrating for years to come. If you need help shopping, you can follow some time-honored gift guidelines dating back to the 19th-century Victorian era, increasing each year in value. We've laid out a few wedding anniversary gift ideas for each year — from year one to 25 — based on those traditions, but with mostly modern takes. For example, paper is the custom gift to give on your first anniversary, but if neither of you use stationary, paper card games or plane tickets to a fun destination may be more up your alley.

Of course, the best wedding anniversary gift is one you're excited to give your partner. If you think they're more of the traditional type, then take a look at our list of gift ideas. But if you want to take your own path, then feel free to pick from any of the years listed below. It's your day to commemorate, and you can do it with jewelry, flowers or even simple love notes written to your husband or wife.

The best wedding anniversary gifts by year:

For your first anniversary, the traditional gift is paper (yes, paper). Think of it as representing a blank canvas, fragility, the importance of communication, versatility and documenting memories — a fresh start in marriage. Stationary and cards are always a standby, but we found a few more interesting ways to incorporate paper into your anniversary gifting.

You may think you know everything about your partner, but this game can help you learn what each of you thinks, but maybe doesn't say. Each card asks a question like "How do I show you I love you without telling you?" You'll end the game feeling even more connected.

$18 at Walmart
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$20 at Amazon

Create something personal on paper with one of Artifact Uprising's gorgeous lay-flat picture books. You can use it to document your first year of marriage, filling the pages with photos of all your favorite memories. The books come in different sizes, and you can even customize the cover. But if you have a favorite photo you want to display on your coffee table, the books' bindings are designed to lay flat open so you can.

$129 at Artifact Uprising

Plane tickets are paper, right? Book a trip — whether a short weekend getaway or a visit back to your honeymoon destination — via Expedia. The site offers plenty of vacation packages, so it's easy to use your PTO time and spend a few days in the sun (or snow) with your significant other. Even if you're not looking to shell out a lot of cash, you could book a staycation at a nice hotel nearby to make the day extra special.

$TBD at Expedia

For your second anniversary, cotton is the the way to go. It symbolizes strength yet flexibility as a marriage grows, and two lives are woven together.

This extra plush 100% terry cotton bathrobe is a must for relaxing at home post-shower or just during a little self-care. It ties in the front like your standard robe, but it has two deep pockets on the front for stashing whatever you'd like. It comes in two sizes, so you can get matching ones for you and one for your partner. 

$50 at Target

The idea that socks are a bummer gift is outdated — especially when you can be gifting these luxurious pairs by Bombas. The plush cotton socks are super comfy and high-quality. They have a cushioned footbed, a little arch support and a tab on the back that gives extra protection against blisters. This set includes a pair for every day of the week for men, but the brand makes women's socks too. 

Think about it and take look at this list of more anniversary gifts for your husband.

$86 at Bombas

Give the gift of ultimate relaxation with one of Bearaby's weighted blankets. It's woven with a silky cotton, so it's breathable and stylish. You can choose between three different weights, and for reference, experts suggest choosing one that's about 10% of your bodyweight (and choosing the lighter option if you're in between). 

$259 at Amazon
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$259 at Nordstrom$259 at Bearaby

The traditional gift for your third anniversary is leather. You can opt for faux or vegan leather (or even leather-scented things), but essentially it represents the security and shelter your marriage provides.

Quince, a sustainable brand making high-quality products at fair prices, offers a range of genuine leather jackets for women and men. This bomber style is a favorite (it just came back in stock!) because it's casual, yet effortlessly cool-looking, and its ribbed cuffs make it extra comfy to wear. 

$180 at Quince

Love the smell of leather? Malin + Goetz sells an eau de parfum that mimics it, mixing the smell of leather with sandalwood and incense for a smoky, woody fragrance. It's a gender neutral scent too, so a couple could easily share it.

$98 at Amazon
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$98 at Nordstrom$98 at MALIN+GOETZ

Overland's Australian sheepskin rugs are a top seller for the brand, and it's easy to see why. They're super soft, stylish and versatile — you can drape one over your couch, put one on the floor on the side of your bed, or use it as a seat cushion. It makes a great gift for someone who's into home decor — or someone who likes to step onto something plush when they wake up in the morning. They come in a wide range of colors too. 

$99 at Overland

Your fourth anniversary calls for flowers. You can get them almost anywhere, but make sure you get the kind your partner really likes. You could also opt for a longer-lasting plant or preserved petals.

Anyone can pick up a last-minute bouquet for less than $20 at the grocery store — but if it's the thought that counts, put a little more into it and order a flower arrangement in advance, like this box of roses that's guaranteed to last for up to three years. Glamour Boutique uses a unique preservation process to make its premium roses last for one to three years at their peak beauty. And being that they're preserved, your recipient won't need to water them, trim the stems or do any maintenance. All they have to do is simply leave them in the box and admire them.

If flowers aren't her thing, check out our list of best anniversary gifts for your wife — we love them, and we bet she will too. 

$60 at Amazon

The fifth anniversary is a milestone anniversary that traditionally calls for wood, which represents durability and standing the test of time. Use this year to go with a personalized gift or get something for the happy home you share.

Create your own personalized tic-tac-toe game to keep on the coffee table using both your first initials. You can have your shared last name engraved on the board as well. It's a unique idea featuring real woodwork and it's fun to play, but it's also a nice piece of decor for your home.

$55 at Uncommon Goods

If you're a fan of Shark Tank, you may remember Proof Eyewear. The brand, created by three brothers, offers handcrafted glasses made from sustainable materials including sustainably-sourced wood. Plus, it plants five trees for every frame sold through the Eden Reforestation Project. It has a range of sunglasses to choose from, but the Boise style fits most face shapes and has a classic look that never goes out of style.

$120 at Proof Eyewear

OK, this one's a little more creative with the wood theme: It's an electric grill and smoker that burns real wood pellets to give food a smokier flavor. Because it's electric, it uses only a small cup of wood pellets and cooks consistently and evenly — and it's big enough to cook up to 10 burgers at a time. It also comes with a built-in meat thermometer, so neither partner can blame the other if something comes out a little overdone.

$395 at Amazon
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$450 at Kohl's$450 at Lowe's

Celebrate your sixth anniversary with candy. Candy represents the sweet stuff one gets from a marriage. Load up with a bunch of your partner's candy of choice or pair it with a bottle of bubbly for dessert after your favorite meal.

Celebrate together with two six-ounce bottles of champagne-flavored gummy bears. They're cute, and perfect for the occasion. (My we recommend pairing them with a nice bottle of real bubbly? Perfection.)

$50 at Amazon

The seventh anniversary's traditional gift is wool, representing warmth and coziness. (Copper is also a traditional gift for year six, and it can also help conduct heat.)

Naadam specializes in cozy cashmere knits for men and women, like this cotton short-sleeve button up. This one can be worn in the warmer months, and while it's designed for men, women could definitely borrow it, too. 

$148 at Naadam

Bronze is a biblical symbol of strength and the traditional gift for the eighth anniversary. Stick to bronze-colored items or real bronze metals if you want to go all out.

While bronze is for the eighth year, this cast iron pan adorned with a bronze-painted bottom should last you many anniversaries to come. You can have the bottom customized with your names and wedding or anniversary date around intertwined hearts to commemorate the special day. And you can either use it to cook up meals together, or display it like a piece of art in your kitchen.

$125 at Uncommon Goods

Almost to 10! Celebrate your ninth anniversary with good old-fashioned pottery, representing a carefully molded, beautiful product that stands the test of time. Traditional pottery might do if you're in need of some new ceramic dishes, but you can also get creative and create your own.

Pottery is the traditional gift, but if you don't think your partner would appreciate a clay vase, get this kit for adults and you can make your own pottery together. It could be fun for a date night in — create and paint your own planter, coffee mugs, bowls and more. 

$65 at Amazon

Of course, the ten-year anniversary is another major milestone in marriage, and it calls for resilient tin or aluminum gifts. Think back to your wedding day and celebrate with a special set of scented candles, a new suitcase or keep things super low-key and cook up a good meal wrapped in tin foil.

This set of six small candle tins are perfect for the scent-lover who's on the hunt for their next favorite fragrance (or likes to travel with a candle so every room they're in smells good). The set includes Apotheke's Bergamot Tangerine, Charcoal Rouge, Charcoal, Earl Grey Bitters, Sea Sale Grapefruit and White Vetiver candles in special-edition packaging.

$64 at Nordstrom

All aluminum bags (like this one by Rimowa) will set you back hundreds of dollars, and they're prone to scratches. This 28-inch checked bag is under $200 and it pairs an aluminum frame with a 100% Germany Bayer PC material hard shell. While it's a good price, it's also less likely to show scratches, thanks to its brushed finish.

$160 at Amazon

The longer you're married, the higher quality the gifts. (Think, paper for the first anniversary versus crystal for the fifteenth.) Gift a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in a crystal vase or try something a little more sparkly, like crystal jewelry.

For the vino-lover, you could gift a new set of crystal wine glasses, but they likely already have a set they love. Instead, gift this Baccarat wine coaster. It's the perfect size for holding a full bottle of chilled wine, and will protect your tabletop from any drips and condensation. 

$150 at Bloomingdale's

When you think of crystals, you might think of Swarovski. Gift this eternity band to your significant other that features crystals all the way around, signifying your never-ending love.

$129 at Nordstrom

China is the traditional wedding gift for the twentieth anniversary, but if that's not your style, emeralds are also the traditional stone to gift. Keep with the theme and gift emerald jewelry or emerald-colored presents.

This special bracelet features five natural diamonds and another gemstone of your choice. For your 20th anniversary, choose a gorgeous green emerald. The chain is 14-carat gold and it comes in two sizes.

$278 at Mejuri

Go all out with a Movado watch — this one has an emerald green face and the brand's iconic dot motif in a matching color. The brand offers free two-day shipping from its website, and you can get it engraved with a special message for an additional $35 (just add 3–5 days extra if you decide to customize it).

$695 at Movado

The twenty-fifth anniversary is a major occasion! Go all out with silver, representing brilliance, shine and the value of your marriage. Skip the silverware (unless you need it) and go for something they'll actually want, like a new jewelry box to hold their engagement ring.

This 7.5-inch square jewelry box has and interlocking rings pattern around the sides, making it appropriate for storing a wedding ring and other anniversary jewelry gifts from over the years.

$80 at Bloomingdale's

For the couple that loves music, this platinum record for the wall can be customized with your names and up to five favorite songs. Yes, we know that platinum isn't actually silver, but the silvery sheen of this of this LP is certainly in line with the symbolism of this marriage milestone. Start with your wedding song, then choose a few favorites that remind you of good memories from over the last 25 years.

$168+ at Uncommon Goods

If you can't go all out with a diamond-clad tennis bracelet, this Swaraovski crystal one is a great alternative. It features two alternating-sized crystals that are bright and sparkly. Plus, its bolo-style closure makes it adjustable and extra comfortable to wear.

$87 at Amazon

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