Cheryl Hickey says she's a 'mother who’s holding on by a very thin thread': 'So real'

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Cheryl Hickey called out the 'things people have said' to her on TikTok. (Photo via Instagram/cherylhickey)
Cheryl Hickey spoke about motherhood on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/cherylhickey)

Cheryl Hickey wears all the hats.

On Wednesday, the "ET Canada" host took to Instagram to share a candid video about the realities of motherhood with her 94,000 followers.

In the clip, the mother-of-two began by explaining that although she appears "glamorous" on TV, that's not indicative of her daily life.

"Hey everybody, my name’s Cheryl Hickey and some would say — some, not all, but some — would say that by day I’m a glamorous TV host. But by night it’s not that at all," she said.

Hickey then spoke openly about what parenting means to her.

"In fact I am a teacher because I love homework, I love the homework that comes home, it’s my favourite. I am a cook. I am a nurse. I am a therapist. I am a craft maker. I am a cleaner. I am a driver," the 46-year-old revealed. "And currently, I’m a mother who’s holding on by a very thin thread and I want to know who wants to join my club."

"Wellness Wed...Who wants to start a club?" she penned in the caption, referring to her weekly videos where she opens up about mental health, confidence and wellbeing.

In the comments, fans thanked the TV host for keeping it real when it comes to parenting.

"Yep, this is so real! You've hit the nail on the head here," commented a follower.

"But don’t forget: dog walker, animal behaviouralist, garbage collector, disease control officer, mediator, hype woman," shared someone else.

"Thank you for saying this! Being a mom isn't easy so I love that you're telling it like it is," added another.

"This is the real truth!" wrote a fan. "Mammas unite!"

As a whole, Hickey champions the self love, confidence and motherhood on social media. In the past, she's taken to Instagram and TikTok to speak out against body shamers, rethinking failures, and relaying a series of motivational messages.

In an interview with Yahoo Canada, Hickey was asked why she posts this type of content.

"I do it because it's important. I want to help show people that you need to be kind to yourself. To give yourself a break and to remind yourself that you're only human and we are all going through it," she said. "Life is not a reality show; there's dark times that people aren't sharing. But all you see are the shiny things."

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