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I'm blown away by this $28 insect trap from Amazon — shoppers say it 'works disgustingly well'

Tackle fruit flies, mosquitoes and other pests with this gadget.

someone holding the insect trap from Amazon
This insect trap has totally solved my fruit fly issue — and it's only $28 on Amazon Canada. (Photos via Kristen Coppolino)

There's one thing keeping summer from being my favourite time of year — insects. Whether it's mosquitoes, house flies or fruit flies, I feel like the soundtrack to my summer is the buzzing of their little wings. If you're a dog owner like myself, you'll know that letting pests into your house is an inescapable result of opening the door for dozens of potty breaks a day. As soon as the weather started to warm up this year, I knew I needed to make a plan to keep 'em at bay — which led me to the Veyofly Flying Insect Trap on Amazon.

Quick Overview

I'm not the only one who loves the Veyofly Flying Insect Trap — it has nearly 2,500 five-star reviews on Amazon. Read on to discover why I'm obsessed and what other shoppers are saying.

(Photo via Amazon)

What it is:

A plug-in UV light that attracts flies and other bugs with sticky glue plates to catch and contain them.

What’s included:

The flycatcher comes with one plug-in UV LED light with a glue plate and three replacement plates.

Best for:

Catching fruit flies, house flies and mosquitos in your home or workplace or any space up to 400 square feet.

  • Insert stays sticky for weeks
  • Doubles as a night light
  • Catches any size fly
  • No harmful chemicals or odours
  • It’s doesn’t make any noise
  • It doesn’t catch house flies
$28 at Amazon

The Veyofly Flying Insect Trap is a clean and odour-free way to catch flies and other annoying insects in your home without having to swat them yourself.

The device uses a UV LED light to attract flies and then catches them on a disposable and replaceable plate covered in a sticky adhesive. Don't worry; the glue is non-toxic and safe to use 24 hours a day without affecting children or house pets — no pesticides here!

The device works best in spaces up to 400 square feet, making it perfect for your kitchen, living room and other spots affected by those pesky buggers.

I have to admit, this product has blown me away. I had no idea there could be such a simple and effective answer to an issue that’s plagued me for years. Gone are the days of leaving little dishes of apple vinegar on kitchen and bathroom counters to catch fruit flies.

As a dog owner, keeping bugs at bay can be tricky, but I feel relieved knowing this product doesn’t use harmful chemicals or give off an unpleasant odour.

The fly trap also uses a UV light to attract the flies, which gives off a funky blue light and illuminates my kitchen at night — a little bonus I did not anticipate enjoying.

someone holding the Amazon insect trap
The insect catcher with bugs stuck to it. (Photo via Kristen Coppolino)
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Stays sticky for weeks

I've been using the Veyofly for four weeks and haven't had to swap out the glue-covered plate. It's getting a little crowded with flies, but it still seems to be working great.

Catches any size fly

I initially purchased this device to help reduce the amount of fruit flies in my kitchen. However, I'm happy to see it's just as effective for larger insects, including mosquitoes.

Doubles as a night light

At night, there's now a wash of cool blue light in my kitchen. Not only does it look nice, but I've also found it incredibly helpful when grabbing a glass of water in the middle of the night.

No harmful chemicals or odours

There are very few products on the market that deal with getting rid of insects that aren't filled with chemicals that could be harmful to me or my dogs. It's a relief to find a product that is safe to have around the house.

It doesn't make any noise

Electric flycatchers are notoriously noisy. No matter how effective they are, the crackle they make when a fly hits them can be disruptive.

It doesn't catch houseflies

The only area this device falls short in is its inability to catch house flies. I have two older dogs, and I find myself opening the backdoor a dozen times a day, letting in flies each time.

House flies are fast and loud and don't seem to be as attracted to the light as other insects. To combat irritating house flies, I added this rechargeable Bug Zapper Racket to my bug-catching arsenal.

Amazon customers aren't shy about their love for this product, racking in over 2,500 five-star reviews. "This really works disgustingly well," said one pleased shopper.

One reviewer who was overrun with fruit flies said "this solved my issue in under two weeks!" After other methods failed to reduce the amount of fruit flies hatching in their plants, the shopper said this gadget "got them all!"

"These traps immediately caught all my bugs over a couple days and they haven't returned," echoed another shopper. "They not only loved the trap's ability to catch flies quickly but also found it to have "a pleasant blue glow."

Many found the traps aesthetically pleasing compared to alternatives, with one indoor plant owner remarking, "they're a lot nicer looking than having the yellow stickies in my plants."

Other shoppers found it "simple to use" and were "impressed with how quickly the [flies] were enticed by the light and stuck!"

Some reviewers were disappointed with its inability to catch larger house flies, commenting, " It really is for just fruit flies," and another shopper agreed that the trap "does not attract regular flies."

If you struggle with fruit flies, the Veyofly Flying Insect Trap is a game changer. I already have plans to purchase another one for my office to catch the gnats that sometimes swarm my house plants.

I'm ready to fall in love with my kitchen again this summer and no longer stress every time I let my dogs outside.

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