Canadian influencer says your body is 'not the most important' part of you: 'Preach'

Sarah Nicole Landry is opening up about her live-saving medication. (Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)
Sarah Nicole Landry is better known as The Birds Papaya on social media. (Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)

Sarah Nicole Landry is getting real about loving your body.

On Tuesday, the Canadian influencer — better known as The Birds Papayatook to Instagram to share a motivational and body positive message with her more than 2.2 million followers.

The social media star is known for sharing content about embracing postpartum bodies, as well as tips on how to boost body image and self-confidence — and this post is no exception.

In the carousel of photos, the Guelph, Ont.-native was joined by several women — including models and influencers like Britney Vest, Arielle Estoria and Kristina Zias — as they walked along Venice Beach. The women posed and smiled in black swimsuits, some wearing bikinis and others rocking one-pieces.

In the caption, the mother-of-four asked fans to reflect on the people they love.

"Think about those you admire, or are inspired by. Think on those people and name five things you like about them," she said. "You might think of their kindness. You may think of their talents. You may think of how they make you feel when they're around you."

The content creator then revealed that someone's looks has nothing to do with their personality.

"You might notice — rarely does someones body make the top of the list, or make the list at all. But then now, think of yourself. Think about all the things you offer those around you, those you love," she penned. "Think of all the ways you want to be admired, or to be inspirational for ... Your body, has nothing to do with those things."

Landry further shared that while "none of us are perfect ... we come in all shapes and sizes" and should be celebrated for who we are authentically.

"Your body is not the most important part of you. It's not the most interesting, either. It's not going to be the most talked about or most remembered. All the other parts of you, they will be," she added.

The influencer ended her caption with explaining how she got so comfortable with her body.

"Honestly? It's been in remembering how low on the list my body is when asking this question," she said.

In the comments, fans thanked the self-love advocate for her "vulnerable" and "beautiful reminder."

"Preach it! Love everything about this!" commented a follower.

"Best post on Instagram," shared someone else.

"I needed this today. Thank you for the beautiful reminder and for being so vulnerable," added another.

"Your page brings me so much joy and makes me love myself a bit more," wrote a fan.

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