Walmart’s 4th of July sale has started: Grills, TVs, laptops and more

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4th of July is almost here, and what retailer better to celebrate it with than Walmart? The brand, already known for low prices, has good deals available on products ranging from the usual suspects like TVs and laptops to summer goodies like grills. Being Walmart, there are tons of items to choose from (too many to count) and you can easily lose yourself in the pages of sales and deals. Walmart in particular has some great 4th of July grill deals, 4th of July TV deals and 4th of July laptop deals. So, we’ll help you out by highlighting some of our favorite deals further below. But, should you want to brave it alone, you can always tap the button below to find deals on items relevant to you.


What to shop for in the Walmart 4th of July sale

It should come as no surprise that Walmart has great TV deals. If you want to get one of the cheapest TVs you can find right now, we recommend the 32-inch Philips HD Roku TV for just $118, down from $168. Sure, its smaller and just 720p, but its still perfect for your kid’s summer sleepovers with young friends that you can’t really trust to not put dirty fingers on the screen. Plus, it’s still cheaper than most of the best tablets for kids. Want a premium TV instead? This 65-inch Samsung S95C deal might be more up your alley. Get the OLED TV that our Samsung S95C review called “jaw-droppingly gorgeous” for $1,431 off. That brings its price down to $1,868 from $3,299.

In the laptops department, the best deals seem to be coming from HP. For the more casual consumer, this HP 14-inch Laptop with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD that’s been marked down to $279 from $519 (a savings of $240) will likely be enticing. For more power, this touchscreen business laptop with an Intel Core i3 processor, 32GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD might be the better speed.

Then, of course, we get to summer goodies to get us ready for the 4th and the sweltering days beyond. We have a thing for Ninja Foodi deals, and this Ninja CREAMi deal is going to be hard for anyone with a sweet tooth to pass up. Find the two pint ice cream maker for just $112 (down $87 from $199) and start making classic strawberry and vanilla ice cream or that silly flavor you’ve secretly been dreaming of for years.

And while we’ve got Ninja on the brain, let’s start our grill coverage with this fun deal on a Ninja indoor grill that’s smokeless and just $79 for the 4th. For something a bit more serious (and outdoorsy) you’ll need to check out the Blackstone Duo, which is now on sale for just $177, down $52 from its usual $229.

There are, of course, plenty more deals where that came from and if you need something else, you’re likely to find it. Just tap the button below to find the complete Walmart 4th of July sale and search away for whatever you like.