Help your pet beat the summer heat with this $33 cooling mat

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Image via Getty Images.
Image via Getty Images.

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Practicing sun safety is crucial when it comes to having a healthy and happy summer. While we all know (or should know) to wear sunscreen daily, hydrate and avoid the sun's peak hours, we have to remember to look out for a four-legged friends, as well. 

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Summer temperatures can pose serious health risks for our pets. From overheating and dehydration to burnt paws and sunburn, the sun can make our pups and other outdoor pets ill and uncomfortable. 

Aside from limiting walks to mornings and evenings, keeping your pet inside with air conditioning and ensuring they have plenty of fresh water, there are handy accessories we can buy to help keep our pets comfortable when the temperatures climb.

The Vaslon Pet Cooling Mat is an easy way to keep your dog cool and happy this summer — and it's only $33. 

Vaslon Pet Cooling Mat

Vaslon Cooling Mat (couch not included).
Vaslon Cooling Mat (couch not included).

SHOP IT: Amazon, $33

What is it?

Vaslon’s Pet Cooling Mat uses CoolCore Fiber to help lower your pets body temperature by three to four degrees upon contact.

The blanket features three distinct layers, surface cold-sensitive ice silk, intermediate filled cotton and reverse ventilating mesh for a unique gel-like texture to keep pets cool. Vaslon's machine-washable and lightweight blanket can be used in the car, outside or on top of furniture to help keep your pet comfortable for up to three hours.

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What people are saying

Vaslon's mat has earned more than 200 customer reviews on Amazon Canada from pet lovers who say the cooling blanket has helped provide some warm-weather relief to their pets. 

Image via Amazon.
Image via Amazon.

"It's starting to get warmer where we are at so we picked this up to help our dog. I wasn't completely sold but gave it a shot. Once I felt the material I realized it's essentially the same as dri-fit clothing for humans," one shopper wrote. "I assume the material wicks away the sweat and heat from the pet and helps cool them down. I placed the mat over a dog bed and my dog seems to like it. I moved the mat over to a carpet and she proceeded to move to the carpet and ditched her dog bed! Give it a shot if your fur buddy tends to get hot!"

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"I bought this when they announced that we were going to be having heatwaves on and off throughout the entire summer. I was skeptical but willing to try anything to keep our cats comfortable, since our apartment doesn't have air conditioning. It's amazing!" another shopper wrote. "It really is cool to the touch and they both love lying on it during the hot days. I would say it maybe works better for dogs or more sedate cats. Our cats are both young and hyperactive, so they have pulled a thread or two during some particularly hyper episodes, but that's not the mat's fault. It's still intact and still works. I even like to lie on it sometimes."

Image via Amazon.
Image via Amazon.

Although there are mostly positive reviews, there are some shoppers who have cautioned potential shoppers that the mat may not be as cold to the touch as one would expect. The mat will feel cool to the touch, but won't feel like an ice pack or cold. 

"I disliked this blanket at the beginning and based my review off of my initial impression. The blanket stayed folded up in the linen closet but today, when I went to get a towel, I picked up the cooling blanket and to my surprise it did feel much cooler than any other towel or blanket near it!" an Amazon customer wrote. "So I change my review from 'not impressed' to 'pleasantly surprised.'"


Keeping your pet comfortable and healthy is the prime objective of any pet parent, however it's especially important during extreme weather conditions. 

The Vaslon Cooling Mat is an easy and effective way to keep your pet cool this summer and prevent your pet from overheating. All you have to do is put the mat down on your floor, furniture or grass and let your dog or cat enjoy some much needed relief from the sun. 

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